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[i am] cooley
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am Cooley – freelance fantasy illustrator, photographer, and outdoor enthusiast.
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Alrighty - I have some 'splaining to do....

My Thesis: Defended!
For those of you who were interested in participating in my thesis defense - I apologize. Although I tested everything out at home, campus was a different story. The internet was so poor in the room I was presenting in, that I could not maintain a video connection. Fortunately, my fiancé recorded the whole thing, so for those of you still interested, I can provide a link to said video. That said, I successfully defended my thesis! Not only was my presentation well taken, I tackled all the questions from the audience with confidence, and even had people wait to come up afterward to congratulate me. I couldn't have been happier!

Fiancé's Thesis: Defended!
The day after I defended my thesis, my fiancé had to defend as well! Needless to say, it was a very stressful week for us both. This defense was even better than mine and there was no question to the success of the project. A video of my fiancé's defense is also available, for those interested (please contact me). I'm very excited for my fiancé and I'm proud we will both be walking for graduation in a few weeks.

Where Have I Been?
Well, the week(s) leading up to my defense was INTENSE - littered with deadlines, paperwork, a broken computer, and extra tasks that neither my fiancé or I were fully prepared for. Three weeks ago, I completed my thesis and turned it in to the graduate school. It got sent back with formatting errors and I had to focus on fixing those before deadline. Afterward, I had less than a week to prepare my defense presentation and practice it. After my defense (this week), I am required to pick up comments from the defense and completely finalize the thesis and reformat all changes to meet the graduate school standards. With 20+ appendices, reformatting has been quite the chore. So that's where I've been, and why I've been somewhat "antisocial."

What's Coming?
The good news is that after this week, my life can return (for the first time in what feels like years), and I can start socializing again.  I have three art projects on the back-burner which can start receiving attention again. I'll also start using Skype and chatting again, and I may even participate in other streams or do some live-streaming myself. It'll come little by little, but there's a lot I've been missing out on over the past couple of years because I was focused on my thesis project. I hope that this new chapter of my life (even though wedding planning will be needed), will allow some more free time for friends and hobbies.

Also, latest art:
Bladewind Bow Revisited WEB by cooleyBladewind Clothes by cooley
(Exploring new Bladewind clothing concepts...)

And some other fun scribbles:
Bw Ink Incomplete by cooleyVaughn by cooley
(A-yep yep.)

Last but not least - THANK YOU - to all the people who read my journals, who put up with my unfocused nature, enjoy my art, and showed genuine interest in, and support for, my thesis project.
Bladewind Bow Revisited WEB by cooley
Bladewind Bow Revisited WEB
Good lawd guys, this is really old - but the only really useful image for the quivers and bow Bladewind used to use. As such, I'm uploading this image for reference to said equipment only.

A lot has changed since this was drawn, not just Bladewind's clothing (though I am still fond of this outfit), but also her bow (now a simple longbow), and of course, her anatomy has changed quite a bit (see below).

New Bladewind Design (v4) by cooleyBladewind Clothes by cooley

*© Copyright 2014 Cooley. For more of my work, please visit [](*
*Images are deliberately posted in low resolution. If you wish to see detailed samples of my artwork, please contact me.*
Bladewind Clothes by cooley
Bladewind Clothes
This is a rough sketch I did yesterday, but didn't get a chance to upload. This sketch represents my ideas for the type of clothing Bladewind would wear when out exploring/hunting, as well as her markings. I didn't bother to draw her head, wings, or tail in their entirety b/c I didn't think it was necessary to convey the information I'm targeting. I hope you can read my handwriting! Inked in Manga Studio 5 and colored in Photoshop CS5.

© Copyright 2014 Cooley. For more of my work, please visit

Images are deliberately posted in low resolution. If you wish to see detailed samples of my artwork, please contact me.</i>
shasas Kodama by cooley
shasas Kodama
My 11-year old niece is spending the weekend with me, and one of our activities (like watching Attack on Titan, Princess Mononoke, playing Mario Kart 8, and eating lots of fun Japanese food), was learning how to use Manga Studio and the Wacom Cintiq. She became inspired by Princess Mononoke and drew this Kodama all on her own, only occasionally asking questions about Manga Studio, even though she had never used the program before yesterday. I'm so proud of her!


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